‘End war, not lives’: Oblation Run 2017 slams war on drugs

The Oblation Run in UP Diliman condemned the loss of lives in the wars being waged today – war against drugs, war on terror, and war of aggression in the countryside. Contributed photo


The Oblation Run this year by the Alpha Phi Omega (APO) fraternity condemned the spate of extrajudicial killings in the administration’s brutal war on drugs.

Members of the APO fraternity in UP Diliman on Friday ran naked at Palma Hall to condemn the lives lost, not just in the war on drugs, but also in the recently concluded war against terrorism in Marawi city, which had just been freed by government forces from the stronghold of Maute terrorists.

“This year, the Oblation Run carries the slogan “End Wars, Not Lives.” APO UP Diliman believes that the Filipino people face different wars on many fronts. One would be the war against terrorism, vividly seen through the Marawi crisis. Then there is the war against illegal drugs, which is failing to capture big-time crime lords but has already racked up a death toll in the thousands, with children counted among the dead,” APO said in its statement sent to Speqtrum.

Another war the fraternity condemned is the war of aggression against the country’s indigenous peoples in the countryside, which saw intensified military operations and aerial bombings at the height of the imposition of martial law in Mindanao.

“Another is the war of aggression being waged against the country’s indigenous peoples, 2017 being a year that has seen the displacement of many communities due to intense militarization and aerial bombing campaigns in the countryside, as well as the imposition of Martial Law in Mindanao,” the fraternity said.

The fraternity also condemned the collapse of the peace talks between government and the Communist Party of the Philippines, which only serves to “prolong the state of war felt sharply by millions of Filipinos who live far from the relative safety of Manila — a state of war that has existed for more than half a century.”

Also known as the “Dance of the Brave,” the Oblation Run was named after “The Oblation,” a statue by National Artist Guillermo Tolentino of a naked man with outstretched arms offering himself to the heavens. The Oblation became the symbol of the premier state university University of the Philippines.

The Oblation Run in UP Diliman condemned the loss of lives in the wars being waged today – war against drugs, war on terror, and war of aggression in the countryside. Photo from miao @ailamae12

An Inquirer.net report quoted members as saying that the run goes beyond naked bodies – it also serves as a venue for political statements which stemmed from a protest in 1977 when two APO members streaked around the campus to protest the Marcos regime’s ban on Robert Ylagan’s “Hubad na Bayani,” a film about the human rights violations at the time.

Read the rest of the statement for this year’s political statement here:

“APO UP Diliman is calling for an end to wars that lead to death, and asks the government to shift its focus towards rebuilding lives. The recovery of Marawi should put the interests of the Moro people first: rather than an opportunity to sell out the city to big corporate interests, the state must lead the rebuilding and expansion of social services destroyed by the recent conflict there,” the fraternity said.

In the ongoing war on drugs, there must be more intensified efforts towards community-based rehabilitation and restorative justice for drug criminals, while a law-based but relentless campaign to catch the country’s drug lords is sorely needed. Martial Law in Mindanao must be lifted immediately, and the military must cease its operations in areas that have seen massive internal displacement of civilians due to their presence. Troops on both the side of the Republic and those under the command of the Communist Party of the Philippines must stand down, and their respective peace panels should return to the negotiating table.

The fraternity asserts that leadership — indeed, government — which refuses to listen to the demands of the people will ultimately fail in ending the wars hounding the nation. We remind our leaders to return to the path of peace by truly understanding the struggles of the Moros, the urban poor, indigenous peoples, farmers and fisherfolk, and the working and middle classes, and instituting the deep socio-economic reforms needed to break our history of internal bloodshed.”

Contributed photo
Contributed photo

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