Boy Abunda seals knockout vs Manny: Why would I vote for someone who doesn’t think I’m human?

Boy Abunda.png

Television host Boy Abunda just sealed the knockout against Manny Pacquiao.

In his weekly night talk show “Tonight with Boy Abunda” on Tuesday, Abunda faced Pacquiao in the ring about the latter’s statement comparing gays to animals.

Abunda, who has been in a relationship with his partner Bong Quintana for 30 years, looked shaken and infuriated at Pacquiao who likened same-sex marriage to animals having sex with the same gender.

In an interview with the TV-5 Group for its “Bilang Pilipino” elections coverage, Pacquiao said it is only common sense that even animals know how to distinguish between male and female.

He said if people marry the same gender, then the gays are worse off than animals.

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“Common sense lang. Makakakita ka ba ng any animals na lalake sa lalake, babae sa babae? Mas mabuti pa yung hayop. Marunong kumilala kung lalaki lalake, o babae babae,” Pacquiao said when asked of his reaction about same sex marriage.

(It’s only common sense. Can you see any species of animals who engage in male to male, female to female marriage? Then animals are better off than humans. They know how to distinguish male from female.)

“Kung lalake sa lalake, babae sa babae, eh mas masahol pa sa hayop ang tao,” he added.

(If people then engage in male to male, female to female marriage, then they are worse off than animals.)

Pacquiao later apologized for his statement – albeit combatively and insincerely – admitting his mistake in comparing gays to animals.

Still, the Sarangani Representative and absentee in Congress maintained his position against same-sex marriage.

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“Ang mali ko lang po, nakumpara ko ung tao sa hayop. Humihingi ako ng paumanhin. (My mistake is in comparing a person to an animal. I ask for forgiveness). I’m humbling myself before you, before God, for my mistake,” Pacquiao said in a video that accompanied the status posted on his official Facebook page Tuesday.

Abunda said Pacquiao “crossed the line” for comparing gays like him to animals.

“I am not begging Manny Pacquiao for dignity, I am not begging you for respect, for my humanity, because you do not own my humanity. That’s my birthright,” Abunda said.

He cited statements from US President Barack Obama, US Democrat Hillary Clinton, and even Pope Francis giving equal rights to the LGBT.

Abunda cited Pope Francis’ famous statement “Who am I to judge” regarding gay priests.

Abunda also cited the struggle of African Americans to end slavery, and women to have the right to vote, as a continuing fight now being waged by the LGBT sector.

“Kami sa LGBT community hindi rin kami titigil hanggang sa dulo ng buhay namin, hanggang kamatayan. Ipaglalaban namin ang aming karapatan to equality, dignity dahil ninakaw ito sa amin,” Abunda said.

(We in the LGBT community won’t stop to fight for our rights until the very end, until our deaths. We will fight for our rights to equality, dignity because these have been stolen from us.)

Abunda said if it takes to be an animal to know how to respect the LGBT, then he’d rather be an animal.

“Kung ang tao ay nanakit, nangyuyurak ng karapatan ng tao, eh gugustuhin ko na po maging hayop,” Abunda said.

(If a person hurts and violates the rights of a person, I’d rather be an animal.)

With Pacquiao citing only “common sense” that only male and female should marry, Abunda used Pacquiao’s words to explain whether or not he would vote for Pacquiao, a senatorial candidate under Jejomar Binay’s United Nationalist Alliance.

“Tatakbo ka bilang senador? Ito ang aking katanungan, palagay mo ba iboboto ko ba ang isang tao na ang tingin sa akin ay hindi tao? Iboboto ko ba ang isang tao na ang tingin sa akin ay mas masahol pa sa hayop?” Abunda said.

(You will run for senator? This is my question, do you think I would for someone who does not even think I’m human? Do you think I would vote for someone who thinks I’m worse than an animal?)

“Manny, ang kasagutan –salita mo, common sense (The answer there, Manny, is your own words – common sense),” he added.

Watch the video below:

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