“Lipatan ng korona, putang ina!” and other epic Filipino gay reactions to Miss Universe 2015


The Philippines has always been a shining fixture in every year’s Miss Universe, which draws multitudes of viewers from Filipinos. But no one could be more hardcore fans than the Filipino LGBT community.

The reactions ranged from intense to crazy, especially after host Steve Harvey caused quite a stir on social media when he made a mistake of announcing Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez as the Miss Universe. Harvey later went back to correct his mistake and announced the rightful winner Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo-Wurtzbach, but only after Gutierrez had already been crowned and was jubilantly waving before the cameras.

Here’s a rundown of the best videos uploaded online showing the most epic gay reactions on the Miss Universe gaffe.

“Lipatan ng korona, putang ina!”

In this Youtube video uploaded by user TJ Parino, a group of gay friends went totally nuts over the mix-up between Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines.

The group had two feelings for Gutierrez. When Gutierrez first won the crown, a man in the video shouted “I’m sorry Ariadna, but you don’t deserve the fucking crown!” and “I’m sorry bitch. No one. Is. Clapping!”

When Gutierrez was decrowned, the others said “My heart goes to you Ariadna!” and “Kawawa ‘yung Colombia (Poor Colombia).”

Two men even pretended they were Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines, the latter eventually getting the crown and waving before the camera.

Just when Miss Universe 2014 Pauline Vega transferred the crown, one man said “Lipatan na ng korona, putang ina! (The crowd was transferred, son of a bitch)”


During the final seconds of the video, and just as the pageant was wrapping up, the most crazed man was screaming at the camera recording the whole incident to congratulate Wurtzbach.

“This is so fucking reality show!” he said.


Just as the video faded, the group said “Masaya ang pasko (It’s a happy Christmas),” and another man screamed in jubilation, “Merry Christmas!”


Oh my God! Oh my God!

Cause that’s pretty much what we heard in this video posted by Bem Acierto on Youtube.

But there was jumping.


And clapping


And hugging.


And crying.


Lots of crying.



The one with the handsome friend

Philip Andrew Haduca also uploaded on Facebook this video of his reaction to the Miss Universe announcement.



When Wurtzbach was announced as the winner, his friend got too excited and started hitting with a pillow the overly enthused Haduca.

The pillow accidentally hit the chandelier and broke one of the lamps.




Haduca was unfazed: “Wala akong pakialam sa ilaw! (I don’t care about the lamp!)”

In his status that accompanied the video, Haduca asked Harvey to pay for the broken lamp.

“STEVE, the host must pay (for) our chandelier!” Haduca said.

Interestingly, his friend, whose name is Lakan Hagonoy on Facebook, is quite a handsome one.


Lucky guy.



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