Decrowned Miss Colombia buries the hatchet, says she is happy for Miss Philippines

The fallen queen has spoken.

Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez, who was publicly humiliated on live television when she was wrongly announced as Miss Universe by host Steve Harvey, said she is now ready to move on.

She even congratulated Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo-Wurtzbach, who was crowned Miss Universe just after Gutierrez was decrowned on stage.

“After the storm comes the calm. I want to thank each and everyone of you who have sent messages of support and strength. Every one of you has become an incredible human being in my book and I am the most fortunate and thankful for having the support not only from one country but from the whole entire world,” Gutierrez said in a post on her Instagram account (@gutierrezary).

During what is deemed the most epic fail Miss Universe ever, host Steve Harvey had already announced as Miss Universe the jubilant Gutierrez, crowned and waving enthusiastically before the cameras, when Harvey stepped in front and said he had made a mistake in announcing the queen.

Harvey said Gutierrez was only first runner-up and the real queen is Miss Philippines Wurtzbach. Miss Universe 2014 Pauline Vega, a fellow Colombian, had to remove the crown from Gutierrez on live television and place it on top of Wurtzbach’s head.

Gutierrez tried to smile while the crown was removed from her head, but she broke down in tears after the competition surrounded by her friends in the pageant.

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Gutierrez said she has accepted what happened and that there was a reason for the incident.

“Your destiny is written for you. And my destiny was this,” she said.

She even congratulated Wurtzbach for winning the rightful crown.

“I also want to congratulate the Philippines for their new Miss Universe 🙏🏼. The happiness that you must be feeling must be incredible,” Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez said she’s happy even if she is Miss Universe for just a few minutes.

“I was able to bring happiness to my country after becoming Miss Universe for only a couple of minutes… Today because of that COLOMBIA and the LATIN COMMUNITY are being talked about in every corner of the world,” Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez expressed her gratitude for the support she has received after being publicly humiliated on stage.

“Life continues and in the future we will find out why things happen the way they happen. Thank you all for your LOVE SUPPORT and KINDNESS,” Gutierrez said.


The gaffe in the Miss Universe announcement caused quite a stir even within the pageant ladies, who were split on who to support between Miss Colombia and Miss Germany.

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In an interview with Missosology, Miss Germany Sarah Lorraine-Riek said she was saddened that Miss Colombia was robbed of her crown.

Miss Germany was asked why she went to Gutierrez after Wurtzbach was crowned. Riek said: “Because none of us vote[d] for Miss Philippines, I am so sorry to say that.” Part of the final score would come from votes of their fellow pageant ladies.

Riek said none from the girls were happy with the results.

“I really couldn’t believe it, I was so upset. For me (Miss Colombia was robbed) as the real winner. I was very happy for Miss Colombia because she really deserved it. I’m really not happy with the result and so are the other girls, I’m sorry to say it,” Riek said.

“We really like Colombia and we’re really happy for her,” Riek added.

In a statement on her Facebook page posted later on, Riek backtracked and said she is happy a Filipino of German descent won the crown.

She said she regrets that the previous interview was interpreted to show a brewing catfight within the pageant.

“Miss Universe Germany Sarah-Lorraine feels sorry for her colleague and friend Miss Colombia. This must have been the worst nightmare… She is really sorry if the video suggests anything else than that,” Riek said in the statement.

Moments before Miss Colombia was announced as the wrong winner. Photo from




The fallen queen and the rightful crown. Photo from
Philippines’ bet Pia Wurtzbach was crowned as the rightful Miss Universe 2015. Photo from the Miss Universe Facebook account (
Friends surround Philippines’ bet Pia Wurtzbach after her victory. Photo from
Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez was consoled by her friends after she was wrongly announced as Miss Universe. Photo from
Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez was consoled by her friends after she was wrongly announced as Miss Universe. Photo from



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