Cebu bishop says sex change puts transgenders as gods

Transgender men flash their smiles during the Metro Manila Pride March this year. Photo by Speqtrum

For many transgender men and women, sex change, or the surgical procedure that alters a person’s sexual organ to another, is considered the final salvation.

Believing they were born in the wrong bodies, the operation is seen as a way for them to finally reflect their true identities.

For newly-installed Auxiliary Bishop of Cebu Oscar Jaime Florencio, the procedure is not just unnecessary – it was also blasphemous

In his statement published at the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) website on Aug. 31, the prelate said those who surgically changed their bodies are “putting themselves as gods.”

“It is clear as part of the teaching of the Church that changes or mutilation done in (one’s) body which is not necessary is putting themselves as gods,” Florencio said.

He added that transgenders must be sensitive to the “economic gaps” in the country before considering something “not necessary or just a caprice.”

“We have to ask ourselves in our Philippine setting, ‘Is it really necessary?…If we will have to answer and we see there is a big (economic) gap between persons around us and it is not necessary or it is just a caprice, then we have to ask ‘What is the problem?,” Florencio said.

Florencio said there is a need to analyze the reasons why a person wants a sex change.

“These people should instead try to consider what pushes them to actually consider having surgical operations done on their body,” Florencio said.Jauhn Etienne Villaruel 

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